What is MassTransit?

MassTransit is an open-source distributed application framework for .NET that provides a consistent abstraction on top of the supported message transports. The interfaces provided by MassTransit reduce message-based application complexity and allow developers to focus their effort on adding business value.

What does it do for you?

Message Routing

Type-based publish/subscribe and automatic broker topology configuration

Exception Handling

When an exception is thrown, messages can be retried, redelivered, or moved to an error queue

Test Harness

Fast, in-memory unit tests with consumed, published, and sent message observers


Native Open Telemetry (OTEL) support for end-to-end activity tracing

Dependency Injection

Service collection configuration and scope service provider management


Schedule message delivery using transport delay, Quartz.NET, and Hangfire

Sagas, State Machines

Reliable, durable, event-driven workflow orchestration

Routing Slip Activities

Distributed, fault-tolerant transaction choreography with compensation

Request, Response

Handle requests with fast, automatic response routing