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Improving offers certification courses for MassTransit both virtually as well as throughout North America.

MassTransit Developer Certification

The MassTransit Developer Certification 3-Day course is the surest way to elevate your abilities in building distributed systems.

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Course Overview

Part 1: Developing distributed systems

Instructional time: 12 hours

  • Configuring MassTransit and RabbitMQ
  • Writing automated tests
  • Publishing messages
  • Writing handlers
  • Designing workflows
  • Designing messages
  • Scheduling delivery
  • Ensuring that handlers are idempotent
  • Ensuring that handlers are commutative

Part 2: Handling errors

Instructional time: 8 hours

  • Testing failure scenarios
  • Distinguishing among failure types
  • Configuring retry policies
  • Buffering outgoing messages
  • Enrolling the outbox within a transaction
  • Publishing faults
  • Executing compensating transactions
  • Installing prophylactic middleware

Part 3: Operations

Instructional time: 4 hours

  • Monitoring a production system
  • Injecting custom observers
  • Responding to dead letters
  • Deploying and initializing new services
  • Auditing messages